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L.T. Lug Lock



Tempo REF TM  Beat Bug TM  Lug Lock TM  GIG RUG TM

made in U.S.A.

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"Simple First"

Welcome to the home of the original...

Lug Lock '80


Quick Stand '85

Stand Still '86

Beat Bug '87

Tempo REF '02

REF + Strobe '09 

Our Mission

    We are the innovators committed to developing the best possible products to help make your life easier, the music better.

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Company Profile

    Conceived and founded in 1980 by a drummer whose passion was to introduce a line of unique products that solve the problems musicians cope with on a daily basis. Drummers are seldom initially told they'll be sitting on the hot seat. As soon as something rushes, drags or doesn't feel right it's often automatically assumed the drummer's fault. So we're doing our small part to make life in the rhythm section a little better. 

    Widely received by novice and professional alike, our products are praised by all who use them.

    You may have seen our products displayed in your local music store. If not, ask the manager to stock them.

Contact Information

Email: sales@luglock.com (Please mention a product in your email subject line.)

  Our CEO and founder is a U.S. Air Force veteran.